Suzuki Adopts A Turtle Hatchling-Zuki

In collaboration with Two Ocean Aquarium Foundation, Suzuki Marine adopted another turtle...

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Suzuki Marine supports the Shark and Marine Research Institute

Suzuki Marine South Africa recently included Shark & Marine Research Institute, a non-profit...

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Our Suzi goes home to the deep blue ocean!

In May 2023, Suzuki Marine South Africa adopted a turtle hatchling from the Two Oceans Aquarium...

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Suzuki Marine's Commitment to Marine Conservation: Partnering with The Last Shark Documentary

Suzuki Marine is dedicated to the conservation of our marine wildlife, aligning with ourClean...

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Suzuki Marine commits to supporting Sainte Marie Island

Sainte Marie, August 19, 2023. Sainte Marie Island is one of the must-visit destinations for...

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Suzuki outboards powers Ezemvelo offshore operation

Through our Clean Ocean Policy we support organizations with their conservation work and Ezemvelo...

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World Ocean Day 2023 - Suzuki Clean Up Campaigns

In honour of World Ocean Day on 8th June, Suzuki Marine has had 7 Clean Up campaigns in the month...

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Join Suzuki Marine in Turtle Conservation!

Suzuki Marine adopted a turtle hatchling from the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, and we would...

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Suzuki Marine South Africa is adopting a turtle hatchling, called …….

There are seven different sea turtle species of which six are classified as endangered or...

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