Suzuki Marine supports the Shark and Marine Research Institute

Posted by Carolien Henn on Feb 21, 2024 3:26:22 PM

Shark & Marine Research

Suzuki Marine South Africa recently included Shark & Marine Research Institute, a non-profit public benefit organization, as one of the organizations supported by the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project. The institute was founded by the White Shark Diving Company in 2017 to formalize their research and conservation efforts.


Currently, a marine biologist from the Shark & Marine Research Institute is collaborating with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment to install Hydrophones along the west coast. These devices monitor ocean noise levels resulting from human activities, and they are currently quantifying the data.


Suzuki takes pride in its quiet operation technology, which allows our outboards to run quietly. The White Shark Diving Company recently repowered their vessel with Suzuki outboards due to the quietness of their operation. The outboards are so quiet that you often need to check if it's still running while idling. 


The Shark & Marine Research Institute (SMRI) is actively contributing to shark and marine conservation through collaboration, outreach, and ongoing research. They also offer a volunteer program that allows volunteers to participate in meaningful research studying Great White Sharks and other shark species.


The Great White Sharks in South Africa are in danger of becoming extinct, with their population estimated to be between 300-500. The SMRI uses dorsal fin identification to closely monitor and identify different individuals, which involves taking photos of the fins. By building a comprehensive database of these photos, they hope to obtain another population estimate within the next two to three years.


Apart from Great White Sharks, other shark species are also threatened or vulnerable due to overexploitation. Therefore, studies are being conducted to learn about these species, particularly those that are endemic to South Africa.


Suzuki Marine proudly supports the Shark & Marine Research Institute and the White Shark Diving Company in their efforts to conserve marine life and inspire a passion for it.


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