Suzuki Marine's Commitment to Marine Conservation: Partnering with The Last Shark Documentary

Posted by Carolien Henn on Dec 18, 2023 7:45:00 AM
Last Shark project

Suzuki Marine is dedicated to the conservation of our marine wildlife, aligning with our Clean Oceans Project aimed at establishing a pristine marine environment for boaters and marine life alike. Earlier this year, Suzuki Marine South Africa discovered The Last Shark Documentary and chose to actively contribute to this crucial cause.


Production of The Last Shark Documentary commenced following in-depth research into the alarming disappearance of Great White sharks along the South African coast.

While Hollywood has often portrayed Great Whites as vicious maneaters, in reality, these creatures are both intelligent and socially complex, playing a crucial role in our marine ecosystem. 

The increasing presence of Orcas in South Africa has led to the migration of Great White Sharks to safer grounds. However, another significant challenge they face is the shark nets installed between Richards Bay and Port Edward along the Natal Coastline. While these nets create shark-protected areas for swimmers, they inadvertently capture and harm sharks and contribute to the death of other marine species.

The noticeable decline in Great White shark populations is a cause for concern, prompting The Last Shark Documentary to advocate for the conservation of these magnificent creatures. The documentary urges the use of existing alternative methods beyond shark nets ensuring the survival of white sharks in our ecosystem while at the same time safeguarding safe swimming environments for beachgoers.

Join Suzuki Marine in supporting this cause and stay tuned for screenings of The Last Shark Documentary in your area and join the movement to protect and preserve the Great White shark population.



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