Suzuki Marine South Africa is adopting a turtle hatchling, called …….

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jun 8, 2023 11:52:20 AM

Adopt a turtle

There are seven different sea turtle species of which six are classified as endangered or critically endangered. The shocking reality is that no more than two in one thousand loggerhead turtles survive into adulthood. This is due to several factors of which plastic pollution, bycatch of commercial fishermen, and climate change play a big role. 

Without human intervention, these animals could be lost forever. Therefore, rehabilitating every single stranded turtle is absolutely crucial.


Suzuki Marine South Africa is adopting a turtle hatchling at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, who will be rehabilitated at the Turtle Rehab centre and will be released back into the ocean once strong enough. 

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We are calling on our Suzuki family to help us name our little hatching by voting on Facebook poll for the name you think best suits our new little one. 


  • Geki = parting seas in Japanese
  • Kyukyoku = Ultimate in Japanese
  • Kireinaumi = Clean Oceans in Japanese
  • Kamebeibī = Turtle Babe in Japanese
  • Cruz = Moving forward without care 
  • Suzi = Nick name for a Suzuki in South Africa 


Rehabilitating a little turtle hatchling from 25 grams takes passion, dedication, and individual attention and care. From hydration to nursing broken shells, or even enticing the appetite of a picky eater, this is all in a day's work for the turtle rehabilitation team at Two Oceans Aquarium.


We are very excited to adopt our little turtle into the Suzuki family and look forward to the day when she or he will swim free in the ocean where she/he could grow up to 80 kgs.


We invite you to subscribe to our blog as we will be sharing progress on our little turtle throughout the rehabilitation process until she/he is released.

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