Our Suzi goes home to the deep blue ocean!

Posted by Carolien Henn on Feb 9, 2024 8:25:45 AM

Suzi back to the blue

In May 2023, Suzuki Marine South Africa adopted a turtle hatchling from the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation's Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Our social media followers helped us name her Suzi. 


Since then, she has grown into a strong, resilient, and incredibly cute turtle weighing 1.08kg. Suzi was the 2nd largest hatchling when she was released back into her natural habitat along with other loggerhead hatchlings and a famous sea turtle named Nobomvu. Nobomvu earned her name due to her unusual red coloration when she was rescued. 

Plight Plan


Suzi was also one of twelve hatchlings to participate in a first of its kind study on the effectiveness of environmental enrichment on sea turtle recovery, which showed very exciting and promising results in regard to sea turtle behaviors and welfare. 


All seven species of marine turtles are either endangered or critically endangered, and loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), like Suzi, are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Suzuki Marine is proud to support the Two Oceans Foundation to conserve turtle populations and we would like to appeal people to support this cause.


It's crucial to note that rehabilitating a hatchling is a costly process, which is why Two Oceans Aquarium offers the option to adopt a hatchling. If you're interested in adopting a turtle, please follow this link: https://www.aquarium.co.za/foundation/support/adopt-a-turtle. 


We wish our little turtle Suz all the best as she begins her new chapter as a rehabilitated loggerhead as she has returned back to the ocean – back home!

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