Debunking Petrol Station Myths

Does your local petrol station owner control the price of fuel? Can you switch petrol...

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Boat Insurance - what does it cover?

Many South Africans have discovered this to their cost when not, or under-insuring, their boats...

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What you need to know about, fuel, oil, and your outboard fuel efficiency

Fuel is an essential part of boating, and there’s no avoiding it, despite how much we may want...

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What does Suzuki Lean Burn technology mean for you?

 With increasing fuel prices, fuel consumption has become a big deciding factor when purchasing,...

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Press Release: The New Suzuki High Performance DF115B & DF140B

Suzuki introduces the new high performance DF115B & DF140B!

Suzuki is introducing two new...

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When looking at boating as a whole and the history it boasts, there are some really interesting...

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When it comes to South Africa’s fishing heritage, one of the biggest and often most intricate...

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Suzuki Marine South Africa sets record sales in 2021 once again!

Suzuki Marine South Africa ended 2021 on a high note. A very high one indeed, as it sold more...

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As we wrap up the holiday season and make our way back to the mad rush of a new year with new...

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