What you need to know about your boat battery

Starting batteries, also known as cranking batteries, provide a large jolt of amperes....

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Mission accomplished: 9 201 80 nautical miles, 3 continents, 12 countries

Mission accomplished! After more than 5 travel months, the Italian skipper Sergio Davì, expertise...

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Getting in on the Sardine Run action

The Sardine run is a proudly South African phenomenon that is sparked by the entry of large...

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Explore Jozini Dam, the ultimate African boating venue

As a boater and outdoor enthusiast, visiting new boating venues opens up a whole new world of...

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Fuel your adventure

When it comes to choosing your family boat these days, one of the things that will always come to...

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How to handle a trailer when launching a boat

Launching a boat, especially if the boat ramp is very busy, can be challenging and somewhat...

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Boating safety check before getting on the water

On the water, safety comes first whether it is a carefully planned boat trip or a spur of the...

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Fuel Budgeting

Fuel is usually a grudge purchase, even though it’s one that most of us depend on.

While even...

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Health benefits of boating

Water is mesmerizing, calm, and is associated with openness, depth, wisdom and purity but there...

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