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#Testimonial - Andrew Stam South African Waterski Champion - Suzuki Marine

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Suzuki Marine South Africa is proud to welcome our newest dealer in Midrand, Leisure Marine

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World Ocean Day 2023 - Suzuki Clean Up Campaigns

In honour of World Ocean Day on 8th June, Suzuki Marine has had 7 Clean Up campaigns in the month...

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Suzuki Outboard Motor Achieves Accumulated Global Production of Four Million Units

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Suzuki Marine South Africa receives Award from Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan

Suzuki Marine South Africa has been lauded by Suzuki Motor Corporation for achieving top market...

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Suzuki Starts Production of Outboard Motors Equipped with Micro-Plastic Collecting Device -Promoting the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project-

Outboard motor with Micro-Plastic Collecting Device (left), and the Device (right)

Suzuki Motor...

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Suzuki Announces New Mobile App For Outboard Motors, Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile Plus (SDSM+)

Suzuki Motor Corporation announced that the new mobile app, the Suzuki System Mobile Plus...

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Suzuki launches its first integrated steering system with the new DF350AMD

Beginning with the introduction of the DF350A and DF325A in 2017, Suzuki has honed its technical...

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Old Suzuki outboard models: Repair, care, and parts purchasing

You do not need to own a brand new one to love your Suzuki outboard! Pre-owned outboard motors...

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