Suzuki launches its first integrated steering system with the new DF350AMD

Posted by Mbali Ntali on Sep 6, 2022 10:30:00 AM

Beginning with the introduction of the DF350A and DF325A in 2017, Suzuki has honed its technical capabilities with the aim of providing customers with an ULTIMATE Marine Life.


Now, Suzuki has improved this existing flagship DF350A and developed new technologies to make further progress while maintaining this stance.

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The integrated steering system enables rigging without an external steering cylinder, resulting in a cleaner motorwell and a clean finish.

With the conventional external cylinder, there are cases that the external cylinder interferes with the motorwell depending on the boat type. However, this Integrated Steering System eliminates such worries and enables the rigging to various types of boats.

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The new DF350AMD will also be equipped with a new advanced gear case which delivers enhanced durability and reliability by lowering the gear oil temperature by adding the oil circulation mechanism.

By reviewing the gear case, the amount of gear oil is reduced from 3.2ℓ to 2.8ℓ.

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The new designed gear case reduced 4% of the frontal projected area which increased the top speed by more than 2% according to internal testing.

By adding a special oil passage, gear oil can now be changed without lifting the boat by using an oil changer which improves maintainability.

Craftsmanship of DF350A/325A is inherited and the DF350AMD will also be equipped with the dual propeller, the dual louver system, dual injectors, and dual water intakes.

The new DF350AMD will be available in South Africa in black and white, 25” and 30” shaft from January 2023 onwards.

SUZUKI will continue to evolve in the future to provide more comfortable marine life to customers.

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