Why you should keep your outboard history with Suzuki’s database

Posted by Mbali Ntali on Mar 22, 2022 1:08:33 PM

When you purchase your Suzuki outboard through one of the Suzuki Marine Authorized dealers, your dealer registers the outboard as sold to the customer on the Suzuki system. This only happens with the client gives consent to upload the client’s details on the Suzuki database keeping in mind POPIA compliance.

The aim for Suzuki to have your contact details online is, not to spam you, but in case there is a product recall, Suzuki can easily contact the relevant product owners.

Secondly, only with your consent, Suzuki Marine will send you one email with our Suzuki Marine Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. It takes 2 minutes to score your experience with your Suzuki Dealer so that we can identify areas to improve and make sure we fulfil your expectations 100%.

The next time you have a service with your Suzuki Marine Authorized dealer, they will log this service on our system so Suzuki knows that your maintenance record has been honoured.

If you don’t know if your engine purchase has been registered or whether your services have been logged, please contact your dealer and they can check for you. If you have your service history booklet stamped, they can retro-actively add this on the Suzuki system, provided proof of services is given.

The Suzuki central database will keep record of the outboards history and this will be beneficial for customers as well if you would like to resell your outboard and you can show full service history.



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