Posted by Mbali Ntali on Mar 23, 2022 2:00:32 PM

When it comes to South Africa’s fishing heritage, one of the biggest and often most intricate facets is the art of specimen carp fishing. Many of us would call this “papgooi” whereby we throw out a mielie bomb, light the braai and sit back and relax.

But over the years this has subsequently changed A LOT. When it comes to hunting trophy carp, many choose to follow the specimen tips and tactics to land that prize catch. Naturally the first thing one would need would is the rod and reel, preferably a good quality setup where your local tackle specialist can guide you on.

Then come the bits and pieces, which we would recommend getting your hands on a good quality specimen carp kit, which will have all the correct hooks and so forth already made up in the kit. Rod stands are a must with the bite alarm, nobody likes to hold a rod and braai. Naturally it is also better to keep the rod still to avoid scaring any fish away through the constant moving of the line.

A big part of the specimen angling fraternity is the preservation of their catches, in doing so, a fish mat is a very important part of the sport. Carp and many other fish species have a protective slimy layer that essentially protects them from bacteria, the mat ensures that protective layer does not get damaged whilst removing hooks etc.

When it comes to bait and baiting techniques you will feel as if you have walked into a Gordon Ramsey cooking show when seeing the amount of different options and concoctions the anglers cook up. This may feel like a very daunting task getting the right flavors and mixes correct, but again your local tackle store will point you in the right direction based on the waterway you will be fishing.

Finally, you will see a lot of anglers along the banks often use inflatable boats to get out to their desired spot. Sometimes, an unfortunately, the fish are at the other side of the dam. Using a small petrol motor helps you to cover the long distances quicker but it also makes distance angling much easier and helps getting the lines in and out much quicker.  This is an excellent way to get your bait into the right spot without the risk of losing half of it from a cast and more so getting it a lot further out than you could naturally cast the bait. In popular fishing spots this can play a big part in the success of your catch as you won’t be fighting it out with 10 other anglers in a similar area.

So, get out there, get your goodies and enjoy the time out with the family. Most of all make sure you tag us in all your catches!



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