Our top 12 boating Christmas gift ideas

Posted by Carolien Henn on Dec 6, 2022 6:50:50 AM
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Are you tired of buying socks, braai tongs, or biltong hampers every Christmas? This year you can leave something right up the dock for your boating enthusiast. Here are a couple of ideas for practical boating gifts.


  • A pair of decent sunglasses take a skipper a long way. Strong sunlight can be harmful to eyesight. The reflection of the sun on the water can increase the burden on the eyes. Therefore, a pair of polarized boating sunglasses is the ideal gift for your boating enthusiasts. Furthermore, you get floatable sunglass straps or in some cases floatable glasses. Definitely, something to look into! 
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  • We are South African, therefore we love to braai! You cannot go wrong with a braai for the boat.  there are three different options available. Read our blog on braais for the boat. 

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  • A Watch may just be it. The technology of watches has evolved so much that some smart watches have similar functionality to a smartphone. While it is convenient for a skipper to be able to pack away the mobile from water and boating conditions and get phone calls and messages via his smartwatch, there are now even watches designed specifically for boating and fishing. These watches can be linked up with fish finders, have barometric pressure readings, and weather to name but a few. Watch “Top 5 best boating & fishing watches to buy 2022
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  • Marine binoculars are also a good gift, especially for deep-sea anglers that rely on bird action to spot the fish. What makes marine binoculars different from other binoculars is that they have active stabilization which makes them easy to use on a moving vessel.
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  • A coffee flask for the boat is something no one ever thinks of on land but is the first thing everyone thinks of as soon as the boat hits the water and the sun rises on the horizon. Nothing goes down better than a cup of coffee and an Ouma rusk.
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  • A cooler box or trunk is something that you can never have enough of onboard during a warm summer's day. You would want to make sure that it is a good one that will keep the contents cold for the entirety of the day. Take a look at our Suzuki Clean Ocean IceKool cooler Box available in 3 sizes. 

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  • What is a boat without a couple of tunes? This brings us to the next gift idea, a portable waterproof speaker. These are relatively easy to find and come in a variety of sizes and sound quality. They are easy to charge via USB and can last up to 20 hours if fully charged.
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  • A power bank is a great asset for a boat providing easy charging for mobiles, GoPro’s, speakers, basically everything that you can charge with a USB. Depending on what needs to be charged, the power capacity of the bank needs to be considered. You get a wide range of options.

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  • As with any other lifestyle activity, boaters dress for the occasion. A proper waterproof jacket is a good option for those chilling early mornings or the occasion of summer rain that briefly makes its appearance on the water.  For those hot summer days a good bird’s eye shirt, a sports scarf/buff, and a cap come in handy.  Look at our range of Suzuki apparel.


  • An annual subscription to a boating magazine is another thoughtful gift, that can be enjoyed for the whole year and keeps your boating partner in the loop with the latest trends.


  • Boating being a family lifestyle, the Suzumar package is the ideal gift for the family. Suzumar is an easily transportable inflatable designed for good stability and easy operation.
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  • Of course, another gift that the whole family can enjoy is a new Suzuki outboard, our range starts at a 2.5hp outboard motor all the way up to a 350hp outboard motor, and we offer a wide range of models to match your requirements.

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For more gift ideas or Suzuki merchandise contact your closest authorised Suzuki Dealer!





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