Braai and Boating… it is part of our nature!

Posted by Carolien Henn on Aug 23, 2022 11:25:59 AM

It is in our nature as South Africans to have a good time around a braai and it is no different when it comes to boating. There are several braai options available specifically designed for boating but at the same time, it is crucial to understand that safety is of utmost priority when it comes to having a braai on the boat.


So, if a braai on the boat seems like the thing for you this summer, here are three different BRAAI options you can investigate 

Charcoal Braai

Boat Charcoal Braai - This is the closest to South African tradition, as there is nothing that quite beats the smell of boerewors on fire, but this is a bit more labor intensive and great care must be taken when it comes to safety. 

A charcoal braai is relatively inexpensive and normally attaches on a mount on the boat handrail or rod holders to position over the water. 

Gas Braai

Boat Gas Grills are widely used by boaters across the world, this is hugely popular because the messiness of charcoal is eliminated. This is quick and easy to use, and the flame can be turned off when the braaiing is done. However, disposable gas cylinders have their list of safety checks

Electric Braai

Boat Electric Braai’s / Grills are becoming more popular. This is an easy, low-maintenance way of cooking on your boat and there are no charcoal or gas cylinders involved. The downside is that it is slightly more expensive, and you require A/C power, thus an onboard generator or power from the shore. 



Here are a couple of pointers of things to keep in mind when cooking on a boat: 


Boat Braai Safety Tips


  • Read the instruction manual carefully before lighting the fire or sparking the flame.


  • Anchor or tie up your boat in calm weather conditions. It is advisable to also check the weather before deciding to braai as weather conditions can change suddenly.


  • Ensure that your grill or braai is firmly mounted.


  • Always cook in open areas, above deck, downwind, and away from flammable materials.


  • Keep your fire extinguisher or alternative method of fire control within easy reach.


  • Never leave the fire unattended.


  • Ensure that the fire is switched off or put out immediately after cooking.


  • Clean your grill or braai when you return home from your trip to avoid excess grease or fat build-up that might flare up flames with your next use.


  • When using a charcoal boat grill or braai it must be positioned over the water so that ashes do not fall on the boat. Only use firelighters to light it and not gasoline or other types of accelerants.  Do not dispose of the charcoal, ashes, or coals in the water. When you return to shore you may dispose of them.


  • When using a gas boat grill, make sure that the disposable gas bottle or cylinder does not have any dents, rust, corrosion, or damage before you use it.


  • Using an electric braai, it is advisable to put water in the drip tray to prevent flare-ups from grease dripping. 


Contact your nearest Suzuki Marine dealer to advise you on a safe braai set-up on your boat.

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