Old Suzuki outboard models: Repair, care, and parts purchasing

Posted by Mbali Ntali on Aug 11, 2022 9:24:20 AM

Suzuki DF 175

You do not need to own a brand new one to love your Suzuki outboard! Pre-owned outboard motors are sold by each of the Suzuki dealers around the country, making it easy to source and enjoy pre-loved outboards you want.



Perhaps you did buy your Suzuki outboard motor brand new and you are concerned about the service and parts for an older model. Do not worry, as Suzuki is committed to servicing all models launched in South Africa as well as keeping a stock of parts for this purpose.


There is also the confidence factor when buying a pre-owned outboard engine from a dealer that it has undergone a service inspection. Knowing it has been thoroughly inspected with any faulty parts being replaced with original equipment parts.


Spare parts are always a major consideration in the decision to opt for a pre-owned outboard and Suzuki South Africa has a parts stockholding worth around R6.3-million that can supply available stock to any dealer in the country within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.


When a part is needed for your outboard motor, the dealer identifies it from the Suzuki EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) in conjunction with the motors unique serial number. When outboard models undergo changes during their lifecycle, some parts may change and the serial number is needed to establish exactly when it was manufactured so the right part can be sourced.


Dealers then process the order through the Suzuki DCS order portal, identifying it as a ‘Daily’ order or a ‘VOR’ (very urgent) order. This is accepted on the Suzuki order system in real-time and the required parts are automatically allocated, picked, and shipped.


When the parts arrive at the dealership they are accepted on the Dealers DMS system and then invoiced and allocated to the specific job card. When the work is complete, the dealer closes the job card and the client collects their outboard motor.


Suzuki technicians around the country are trained for older model outboard motors and there are training manuals and service information available for any reference or research required.


One issue that concerns prospective buyers of pre-owned outboard motors, or owners of ageing outboard motors, is whether these cost more to own and run because they require more frequent servicing.


 With Suzuki, the service intervals are the same irrespective of the age of the outboard motor. However, all outboards have wear and tear friction parts that generally need replacing after the third service. So, the service cost is not likely to change, what will increase the price is the additional cost of the replacement parts.


 Keeping your outboard motor well maintained and in good condition may save you money and it will definitely keep you fulfilled and adoring your outboard motor.

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