Posted by Mbali Ntali on Mar 22, 2022 3:30:03 PM

As we wrap up the holiday season and make our way back to the mad rush of a new year with new goals and of course a pile full of paperwork on our desk, we often tend to arrive home, park our boats and get stuck into the new year with full force awaiting the next time we get to enjoy that launch in the upcoming months.

BUT, we often forget one important factor…. Ensuring our boats and outboards stay in tip top condition to avoid those unwanted issues the day we want to leave, or even worse, as that tractor pops us in the surf.

Ensuring the maintenance and servicing of your outboards and boat is not only important for the above but when the day comes that you want to re-sell your boat, having a boat in amazing condition can only get you into that new boat you have your eyes on sooner.



  1. Always make sure your outboards are serviced according to their hours. This must always be done by an approved Suzuki Marine Dealer. Always protect your warranty.


  1. Grease is your best friend – Make sure all terminals and connections have a good amount of marine grease on them to protect them from corrosion.


  1. Electricals – make sure all connections are tight, fitted and protected correctly from the elements.


  1. Trailer – makes sure all bearings, brakes and spare wheels are in tip top condition.


  1. The Boat – wash down all salt or dam water, give boat a good polish and maintain stainless steel fittings to avoid those nasty rust runs. Chemico paste does wonders in removing all rust.


  1. Covers – always keep boat and outboards covered when not in use. Nothing worse than seasonal rains settling and destroying your lovely flotex carpeting whilst leaving your deck constantly damp, which is very bad for business.


  1. Batteries – It’s always a good idea to disconnect batteries when not in use for long durations. That being said, if you are planning to store your boat for long periods of time, we would recommend starting it up monthly just to get things moving.


  1. All of the above – When storing your boat, don’t just let it sit under cover until the day you want to take it out. Wash it down and clean it monthly to make sure no dust and unwanted elements build up. Those of you with boats on moorings, as you know this would be a weekly affair on the water, ensuring outboards are always trimmed up and of course making sure that annual anti-fouling is done.


That all being said, we wish you a great 2022 and looking forward to seeing you all on the water!

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