How do you know when you need a re-power?

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jun 20, 2023 8:34:35 AM


If a change is as good as a holiday, then re-powering with a Suzuki is the ultimate holiday you have always dreamed of. So how do you know when you need a re-power? 


Does your boat just not have that extra bit of power you would like to push through the surf? Or is it just not as responsive as you would like it to be? 

A boat normally has a specified range of outboard that the weight and transom for the boat can handle. Sometimes the boat might actually handle better with a slightly bigger outboard within the determent horsepower and weight capacity.


As technology develops, the newer models often offer better fuel economy as our engineers focus on providing an outboard that is efficient. For example, if you are still running a two-stroke outboard your fuel efficiency could improve by up to 30% when upgrading to a Suzuki 4-stroke.


Suzuki has a reputation for reliability, however, not the same can be said about all outboards. Thus, they may start becoming unreliable. And on the water, especially the sea, reliability is not optional.


When an outboard gets old it might become increasingly difficult to find parts and accessories, therefore it is wise to upgrade before this becomes a problem that could leave your boat off the water due to waiting periods.


Stay in the market by making sure your outboard motors are not out of date and have a good resell value. The value of your boat is factored towards the outboard more than the actual boat. Improvements made to your boat may not affect the market value nearly as much as the outboard powering your boat.


With the new technology available, boating is evolving and we work towards always offering you a better boating experience not only with our outboards but also with our accessories such as our multi-function digital gauges, precision control, stylish remote control boxes, to make our boating experience even more comfortable.


If the above resonates with you, contact your Suzuki dealer to trade-in the OLD for GOLD!

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