9 Reasons why Suzuki is the ultimate choice to re-power with

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jul 26, 2022 8:07:07 AM
repower with suzuki

When you are in the process of re-powering your boat, you need to look at what you expect from your outboard motor over the next couple of years, here are 9 reasons why Suzuki is your ultimate choice.


  • Save on fuel
    News of another fuel hike might make boaters nervous, but Suzuki offering fuel-efficient outboards will keep you on the water for longer without you having to sacrifice horsepower. Suzuki’s Lean burn technology is an intelligent fuel management system that creates a longer burn time and more controlled explosion of the fuel without affecting the performance of your outboard motor. 


  • Premium quality at a great value
    Suzuki aims to always provide the ultimate boating lifestyle with great quality, and good value for money outboard motors that suit a diversity of boating applications.


  • Full package price deal
    When purchasing a new Suzuki outboard motor, all the accessories required for the regular installation of your outboard motor are included in the package. So you save on items like a stainless steel propeller, control box, gauges to name but a few.


  • Keep their value 
    Suzuki being a reliable, quality, durable outboard motor, when well maintained; and serviced by an authorized dealer as required; keeps its value and therefore is a good boating investment.


  • Diverse range
    Suzuki Marine offers a diverse range of outboard motors to suit any boating application; from smaller portable inflatables all the way to luxury pontoon pleasure crafts.
    See our range: https://www.suzukimarine.co.za/outboards


  • Reliable on the water for hours
    Suzuki is renowned in South Africa and around the world for long hours on the water, especially when used for commercial application. With extensive running hours recorded on the water, we can say that when it is reliability you are looking for, Suzuki is your choice. 


  • Affordable parts and accessories 
    While only the best components are used to manufacture Suzuki’s Accessories and parts, we continuously aim for efficient operations to offer our clients well-priced parts and accessories to ensure that our outboard motors operate with Suzuki genuine spares.  


  • Low and easy maintenance 
    Through the years Suzuki has invested in developing technology that makes our outboard motors easy to maintain, such as the self-adjusting timing chain, anti-corrosion, SDSM+ app to name but a few.


  • After-sales Service
    Suzuki has a wide network of dealers, in and around South Africa, dedicated to fitting and servicing Suzuki outboards to the Suzuki standards. Our dealers have specially trained technical staff with the experience to service our customers at the highest level. Furthermore, our head office offers technical support to all our dealers as required. 


  • South Africa’s bestselling four-stroke outboard motor
    Over the past couple of years, Suzuki has been the best-selling four-stroke outboard motor in South Africa. Thanks to excellent performance, quality, durability, reliability, and good value for money, many clients choose Suzuki to power their boat. Through the efforts of our nationwide dealer network, Suzuki Marine is currently standing at 60.2% market share for 4-stroke outboard sales in South Africa.

Contact your nearest authorized Suzuki Dealer and get the propellers spinning on your new Suzuki outboard motors!



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