Winter… this is the time to buy a boat!

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jul 19, 2022 8:10:53 AM

Buying a boat is normally reserved for the spring or early summer months when the weather starts warming up and there are some long and beautiful summer days ahead. But as the boating season draws closer the overall boating market gets busier and things might take a bit longer due to demand. 


It might feel a bit strange to consider buying a boat during the colder winter months, but here are some reasons why this is the ideal time…


View the diversity

A boat is a passion-driven investment and therefore so much more of a reason to make sure you buy right the first time. During the winter before the summer rush, time is not a factor and you can take advantage of this to view the range and diversity available. When the summer months arrive there are more interested buyers, which means more competition over the same stock this could cause you to not get the ultimate boat you wanted by the time you want it.


Advance notice 

Supply can sometimes be hampered by logistic delays and high demand, therefore it is advisable to buy a bit in advance rather than just before you will be going on holiday or head out boating.


Demand may delay

Summer produces a demand for boats, outboards, and electronics, which may result in back orders and waiting lists which could be avoided if ordered in advance. In turn delays in supply may cause pressure on workshops working to get everything fitted and ready for delivery.

As you would probably like to take advantage of the summer's complete duration on the water, best these things get taken care of during the winter.


Making it personal takes time 

Maybe you already have a boat in mind but you would like to add some personal touches, this could take longer during the summer months when workshops are busy. 

If you get your order in during winter, you can wait slightly more patiently for your perfect customized boat to be delivered right before the boating season starts. 



Get the admin sorted

When you receive your boat before the summer boating season, you have sufficient time to ensure that all the admin is up to date, which may include trailer registrations, buoyancy certificates, VHF permits, skippers tickets, and fishing licenses to name but a few. 


Contact your closest dealer and get the prop spinning on your boat purchase.





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