When should I replace my outboard propeller?

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jun 26, 2023 4:28:53 PM

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The propeller is the piece of equipment to transfer the engine power into usable thrust. Propeller selection is the key to optimum performance and fuel economy. It is essential to use a propeller on your outboard motor that is properly matched to your boat. 

Lighter-load boats generally require larger-pitch propellers while heavier-load boats generally require smaller-pitch ones.


So why would you replace your propeller?


When a propeller has too much pitch, it could make it difficult for your boat to get unto the plane, thus making it hard for your boat to accelerate.


When your propeller's pitch is too low you are over-exerting your outboard. Your RPM’s will be higher, and this will put strain on your outboard. Over a long period of time this could cause damage to your outboard.


You should replace your propeller when it gets damaged by rocks, logs, or objects under the water. If you do bump anything in the water, make sure to inspect your propeller properly. Even if you don’t see aesthetic changes, the damage may occur internally.


If you want to increase your speed on the water. By changing your prop to a performance stainless steel propeller, you can raise your speed by a couple of knots. It is a bit more expensive than normal stainless propellers but the serious boater will vouch that it is worth the cost.


You should replace your propeller when you want to swop your aluminium propeller for a stainless steel propeller that is more durable, longer lasting and does not get damaged as easily.


You should replace your propeller, if you are experiencing poor fuel efficiency. If your prop has been damaged, you will notice that you suddenly have to fill up more frequently. This is because your outboard now has to work harder to perform.


In conclusion, when using a propeller that has been worn, it produces excessive engine speed and causes serious damage to the motor. An unbalanced prop can cause a serious vibration to the motor and boat.


You can get optimum acceleration, improved middle and top speed, smooth and economic cruising by replacing worn or damaged propellers with new ones. Keep in mind that it is always better to get the real deal, as our propellers are specifically designed for our outboards and carry Suzuki’s quality signature to enhance performance and fuel consumption.



Contact your closest authorized Suzuki Dealer to assist to replace your outboards’ propeller.

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