What size outboard fits your boat?

Posted by Carolien Henn on Nov 16, 2022 11:58:12 AM

Outboard motors come in different horsepower sizes and this may influence the weight, size, and fuel consumption of the outboard motor. 

There are dangers in both under and overpowering your boat, especially if the vessel will be heading out to sea through the surf. Therefore, it is always best to consult your Suzuki Dealer on the best match for your vessel.


Consider the following factors when deciding on an outboard motor.


Boat manufacturer guide

The manufacturer of your boat must provide a range of outboard matches that is comparable with the boat. This may be determent through various elements of the boat that may not be within the knowledge of the boater for example transom strength and weight capacity. 

When purchasing a boat ensure that you do receive an owner's manual or that the boat has been fitted with a capacity plate indicating the horsepower allowed for the vessel.


The power-to-weight ratio of the boat

The general rule is 1 horsepower for 11 - 18kg (25lb - 40lb) boat weight, however once again it is better to refer to the manufacturer's rating as the overall boat structure should be considered.


Fuel consumption

Suzuki’s lean burn technology optimizes and reduces both fuel consumption and costs, delivering, under specific conditions, a better air/fuel ratio and greater fuel savings, resulting in Suzuki's outboard motor being more fuel efficient. However, like vehicles, the bigger the engine, the more fuel it will use. Therefore, this is definitely a factor to consider.


Boat passenger capacity

Every vessel comes rated with a passenger capacity. Should your boat be rated for example for 6 passengers, but you will only be 4 passengers mostly on the vessel you may look at the lower recommended horsepower rating supplied by the manufacturer of the boat.


Boat application 

What you will be using your vessel for, must also be taken into consideration when deciding on the size outboard you will fit. For example, will your boat be used for sundowner cruises or watersports. If used for watersports, you will be considered the bigger horsepower the boat is rated for to be able to pull weight out of the water.


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If you are not sure about your boat and what size Suzuki outboard to fit your boat, contact your closest Suzuki Dealer today to assist.



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