What is the big fuss about Ecstar?

Posted by Carolien Henn on Mar 6, 2023 12:19:02 PM


Before going into depth with the characteristics that make Ecstar the ultimate and best oil for your outboard motor, it is important to understand what the difference is between auto oil and Marine oil. The basic standard for four-stroke outboard oils is an FC-W certification which means that the oil is marine approved and meets the standards and passed the 30-day test required for certification. The following two main factors make the difference between auto and marine.
Marine possesses more corrosion inhibitors to deal with the harsh marine environments, long periods of inactivity along with long periods of operation at low speed. A marine engine spends much more time at high RPM and under a heavy load, so its oil is prone to shearing. Under shear stress oil can lose its ability to separate moving parts, leading to greater wear or even catastrophic failure in extreme cases therefore marine oil is designed to counter all these factors.
Now imagine you can have the same quality oil used for MotoGP in your outboard motor, which is designed with characteristics to improve the performance of your outboard motor, Ecstar.
Ecstar Ultimate Performance oil was developed over 35 years and when the formula was perfected in 2015, it was launched into the market. From there the Top Performing Suzuki MotoGP racing team, Team Suzuki Ecstar, got its name.
Ecstar Suzuki Genuine oil is specifically developed by Suzuki for your outboard motor. There are a lot of things happening inside a four-stroke outboard motor simultaneously and Ecstar has been developed to make your outboard run longer, cleaner and stronger. Ecstar reduces friction in your outboard to such an effect that it starts saving you fuel and even boosts your outboard performance. On top of all of this, it is all environmentally friendly, abiding by Suzuki’s goals for a cleaner future that can be enjoyed by future generations. 
Here are some key benefits you get from Ecstar.
  • More Fuel Efficiency 
Ecstar oil is designed to save you more fuel on top of your Suzuki Lean Burn technology already included in your Suzuki outboard motor as it was designed to optimally work with this technology.
  • Increased Durability 
The lubrication technology constantly works to achieve thermal stability in your outboard motor, this protects your outboard in harsh weather conditions. 
  • Boost the performance of your outboard 
Ecstar has been specially formulated to enhance the performance of your outboard motor. Since this premium oil was developed by the same people that developed your ultimate Suzuki, it has been developed to let her perform to optimal capacity.
  • Keep your outboard clean inside.
Ecstar oil was designed to keep your outboard motor clean, and to enhance durability.
Any time is a good time to start treating your Suzuki outboard to some Ecstar.



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