What do you need to know about your boat's fuel tank and refueling?

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jul 6, 2022 11:52:09 AM

Refueling your boat



A fuel tank may seem to be a tool to keep fuel for your outboard to operate, but there are several factors to consider as damage to your fuel tanks may cause leaks that could be very dangerous. Here are a couple of pointers:  


  •  To reduce the risk of damage being caused by your fuel tanks moving around they should be firmly secured in your boat.
  •  Always ensure that only tanks made from material suitable and approved for fuel are used on your boat. Fuel tanks must always be made from corrosion-resistant material suitable for the fuel being used.
  •  Tanks are installed as low as practically possible to assist boats with stability as well as to reduce strain on the tank and its fittings.
  •  Your tank must have some form of measurement to determine how much fuel is inside the tank.
  • Your fuel capacity onboard should be enough for your trip or journey with an additional 25% on hand as a reserve.
  •  Your tank must be fitted with adequate breathers and be well ventilated.
  •  Fuel tanks must be stowed outside of your battery and engine compartment. 
  •  Always be careful of static electricity when refueling your boat/tanks  
  •  Avoid spillage when refueling as this could be a major pollution factor on the shoreline and out at sea.
  •  Always have a funnel handy should you have to transfer fuel between tanks for some reason.
  •  Don’t fill your fuel tank beyond 90% full as this will allow space for gas to expand and avoid potential overflows.
  •  After refueling tightly screw the cap to the tank close and wipe down any spills on and around the tank.
  •  Portable tanks must always be refueled off the boat. 


Contact your closest Suzuki Marine Dealer should you need assistance with your fuel tank set up.



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