The Ultimate endurance requires the ultimate outboard

Posted by Carolien Henn on Jun 8, 2022 9:34:17 AM

1300 Miles that is 2090 kilometres with no sleep in 18ft skiffs all for one cause, to raise awareness to protect and restore Florida’s water quality for future generations. This is the Florida Skiff Challenge held annually. 


This four-day test of mental and physical endurance began as a head-to-head battle for bragging rights and evolved into a daring feat to help shine a spotlight on Florida’s water crisis by those who have been directly affected by it — the boat manufacturers.


This year, six boat companies will put their 18-foot skiffs and best teams to the ultimate endurance test, circumnavigating the 1,300 mile Florida peninsula in nearshore waters from state line to state line.


Each five-man team includes two skiff operators and three land-based support crew. Teams are equipped with extensive safety gear and navigation aids and pre-plot their own pit stops for fuel, food, repairs and rest. Boats are powered by up to a 70-horsepower outboard motor and may carry up to 83 litres of fuel at a time.


For this reason, an outboard motor that is reliable and durable, high in performance and fuel efficient is a big advantage.  Suzuki’s reputation for toughness is likely a key reason why four of the six total skiffs entered in the race this year (the 6th running of the event) was powered by Suzuki DF70 outboards. 



In the end, 4 of the 6 daring teams completed the most grueling task of their lives, circumnavigating Florida non-stop in 18-foot skiffs. The top 3 places belong to teams powered by the ultimate Suzuki outboard. Team Hell’s Bay Boatworks takes home the trophy for their blistering <40-hour pace around the state. Team Yellowfin hold their heads high, finishing just a couple of minutes later in second position followed by Team Sea Pro Boats, who completed a couple of hours later.



It’s not just about the businesses and ecosystems that rely on clean water, but about protecting the boating, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle that we enjoy with our families.

The Florida Skiff Challenge is held annually to help raise awareness and funds for Captains for Clean Water, a grass-roots, non-profit organization of sport fishing captains and others dedicated to protecting Florida’s coastal waters and marine ecosystems. Not only does the race capture media coverage from around the world, it focuses people on pollution, agricultural runoff and a host of other challenges facing Florida waters.


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