The Suzuki DF70A, unmatched power in the 70hp category

Posted by Carolien Henn on Sep 12, 2023 3:36:49 PM

Suzuki DF70White

It is easy to get blown away by the Suzuki DF70A outboard motor and its extensive set of power features. 

If you're planning to tow a skier or tuber behind your boat or head out through the surf, you'll want to pay attention to the torque. Boats with greater torque require less time to get up to speed, which is important when it comes to lifting someone out of the water without dragging them or causing your boat to struggle to get on plane. The same goes when timing those sets to head out the surf. It’s essential to have the right amount of force to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The DF70's impressive performance is boosted by its Offset Drive Shaft and 2.59 gear ratio.

The DF70's offset driveshaft is a great feature, providing stable steering and less vibration while keeping the outboard more compact. This is achieved by moving the outboard's centre of gravity forward by positioning the powerhead closer to the front.

Additionally, the 2-stage gear reduction allows for high propulsive efficiency with larger diameter propellers. Powerful navigation and quick acceleration. This design makes a larger gear ratio possible, allowing it to turn a large-diameter propeller for high propulsive efficiency while providing higher torque. 

By saving on fuel costs, the DF70A is a smart investment for any boat owner.The DF70A is a fuel-efficient outboard motor that features Suzuki's renowned Lean Burn technology. This innovative technology ensures that the engine receives the optimal fuel and air mixture based on the conditions, resulting in excellent fuel economy across all speed ranges. 

It also included an Easy start system, all you have to do is turn the key and release it, and the starter will keep going until the engine starts. Plus, the system has more precise cylinder detection, fuel injection, and ignition control, which means smoother starts, better combustion, and improved fuel economy. Suzuki strives to always making their outboards more environmentally friendly!

The DF70A is practically maintenance-free with the Self-Adjusting Timing Chain that allows for higher durability. The timing chain runs in an oil-bath and never needs lubrication. Equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner, it remains properly adjusted at all times.

With its dual engine flush ports, it is easy to give this outboard a rinse after a day out on the water.

Troll mode system is also an optional extra with the DF70A outboard motor. This feature is perfect for fishing as it allows you to keep your boat at a constant speed without having to operate the throttle constantly. And don't forget, the tilt limit system is in place to protect your motor and boat from any damage due to excessive tilting.


More great news! Boaters in South Africa will appreciate having the option to get the DF70A in white starting in September 2023. It's always nice to have more choices when it comes to customizing your boat.

It is easy to understand why this outboard motor is the perfect choice to power your boat!


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