Suzuki, the best choice for your commercial business

Posted by Carolien Henn on Sep 20, 2022 10:05:15 AM
When it comes to business, every cent counts. At Suzuki Marine, we understand this! So what makes Suzuki Outboards the economical choice for your commercial business?  
  • Reliability
When the day-to-day operations of your business depend on an outboard motor, reliability is not an option but an absolute must. Suzuki has a very impressive commercial track record with our outboard motors reaching up to 5 500 hours plus. Have a look at our Suzuki outboard long-life meter below.
With periodical servicing, your Suzuki outboard will not only get the job done but save you time and money with the maintenance-free timing chain and affordable parts and accessories.
  • Fuel Efficiency
This is one of the biggest deciding factors as it has a direct connection to your daily cash flow. 
Suzuki, through its lean burn technology, has a series of sensors in the fuel-intake system that are controlled by computer programs in the central control unit of your Suzuki outboard motor. They constantly measure your speed, acceleration, and the conditions in and around the motor. 
The Lean Burn Control System supplies the appropriate amount of fuel and air mixture depending on the navigation conditions. This allows for significant improvement in fuel economy, especially at cruising speed.
  • Serviceability
Keep it real with well-priced genuine Suzuki parts and accessories designed to make your outboard motor perform to its full potential. 
Suzuki has a nationwide dealer network with passionate boating professionals to make servicing and maintenance of your outboard motors a breeze. Our Suzuki Marine workshop technicians are trained specifically on our brand and continuously upskilled with the latest developments by our head office technicians. 
  • Diversity
Suzuki Marine offers a diversity of outboard motors across the ranges from small starting at the DF2.5S to mid and high end with the Big Daddy DF350 outboard motor. No matter the size of outboard you required to fit your commercial boat, we will be able to offer you a solution from our top-quality range.
Visit your closest Suzuki Dealer today to find out more about our range and how it could assist you to have an economical outboard solution for your commercial business that is reliable and durable and will provide you with long hassle-free hours on the water.

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