Suzuki outboards powers Ezemvelo offshore operation

Posted by Carolien Henn on Aug 7, 2023 11:02:25 AM

Ezemvelo Suzuki

Through our Clean Ocean Policy we support organizations with their conservation work and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is one of them. 


Our South Coast dealer, Feral Marine, recently fitted Makaira, an inflatable boat with a pair of Suzuki outboard motors for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the managing authority of the uThukela Marine Protected Area. 


A marine protected area is defined as a part of intertidal or subtidal environments, together with their overlying waters, flora and fauna and other features, that have been reserved and protected by law or other effective means.


So, what makes this Marine Protected Area so special?


uThukela means “Something that startles” in Zulu, and this area has definitely done just that, being home to the largest seventy-four sea breams seen this century. This MPA is also home to adult black muscle cracker, yellow belly and cat face rock cod as well as seahorses. There is a multitude of sea life dependent on the deep reefs, coral, underwater dunes, gravel beds and the inflow of the uThukela river, South Africa’s second largest river. This is a nursery area and spawning ground for multiple shark and fish species.



The Boat “Makaira” is going to be used for offshore marine operations, both law enforcement and research (divers etc.) which will primarily assist in obtaining the following objectives of the uThukela Marine Protected Area:


To contribute to a national, regional and global representative system of Marine Protected Areas by conserving and protecting offshore benthic and pelagic ecosystems comprising submarine canyons, deep reefs, cold water corals and other ecosystems of the outer shelf, shelf edge and slope, including threatened ecosystems. This will be by means of close monitoring and surveillance operations both scientific and compliance.


To conserve and protect the ecological processes associated with these ecosystems such as the sardine run, and biodiversity including protected, threatened or overexploited species such as red Steenbras, seventy-four rock cod, geelbek, turtles, tiger sharks, hammerheads and other sharks. This by means of undertaking regular offshore compliance monitoring and law enforcement.


To support the recovery of line fish and shark species by protecting spawning and other aggregations by accommodating researchers and scientists for research purposes and law enforcement officials


To facilitate species management and sustainable use of line fish by supporting fisheries recovery and enhanced species abundance in fished areas. By undertaking monitoring and compliance operations with research staff and law enforcement officials.


To support sustainable nature-based tourism opportunities in the area through the protection of marine wildlife such as whale watching. This will involve close monitoring of these activities from close by law enforcement officials.

To provide reference sites for research and monitoring, and to promote and contribute to environmental education.


Suzuki Marine is proud to be a part of conserving the uThukela Marine Protected Area. 


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