Suzuki outboards enable Malawi fishermen to navigate the vast expanse of lake Malawi

Posted by Carolien Henn on Nov 21, 2023 2:36:34 PM

Suzuki Marine recently visited local fishermen in Malawi to explain the benefits of using 4-stroke outboards, such as fuel savings. Since these fishermen spend a substantial amount of time on the water, they need a reliable and durable outboard to power their fishing vessels.


Nyasa Suzuki Marine is the sole authorised dealer of Suzuki Marine products in Malawi. Their portfolio encompasses Suzuki Marine outboard engines, as well as an extensive range of genuine Suzuki spares and accessories. 


Fishing Capabilities in Malawi 

Lake Malawi is distinguished for its diverse marine ecosystem, notably housing the unique Chambo fish. With the contemporary shift from traditional fishing methods, Suzuki outboard engines have emerged as the preferred choice, enabling fishermen to navigate the vast expanse of the lake efficiently. Our engines have not only optimised fishing operations but also contributed significantly to the livelihoods of local communities, consistently reinforcing Suzuki’s reputation for durability, power, and fuel efficiency. 

Rescue and Conservation Operations 

Nyasa Suzuki Marine’s outboard engines are integral to various conservation efforts, frequently being employed by game rangers in wildlife protection. Furthermore, they are pivotal in rescue missions throughout Malawi. The reliability and performance of Suzuki outboard engines have established them as the prime choice for these critical operations. 


Leisure and Tourism 

Lake Malawi, with its panoramic landscapes, continues to attract international tourists. This has fostered opportunities for the development of upscale hotels and resorts along its banks. Nyasa Marine is at the forefront, supplying outboard motors tailored to the needs of these establishments, ensuring guests experience the best of Lake Malawi. 

Spare Parts and Service 

Nyasa Suzuki Marine stands as the exclusive provider of Suzuki outboard motors in Malawi. We offer a comprehensive range of spares and accessories, ensuring optimal engine performance. In the rare event of stock unavailability, we take the initiative to procure the required items, guaranteeing minimal operational downtime. 

Mission Statement 

Nyasa Suzuki Marine is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect in all its business interactions. We endeavour to provide premium products at competitive prices, complemented by exceptional customer service. Beyond business transactions, we aim to cultivate enduring relationships with our clients, offering authentic Suzuki products and comprehensive after- sales support. 

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