Suzuki Marine Matechmad partners with fishing company in Madagascar to support artisanal fishing

Posted by Carolien Henn on Nov 30, 2023 8:37:40 AM
SPSM - artisanal fishermen (3)

Suzuki Marine, through Matechmad, has also established another partnership with SPSM (Sainte Marie Fishing Company).




SPSM is one of the largest fishing companies in Madagascar and they work closely with artisanal fishermen. Its main activities include collecting and fishing at sea, as well as processing and exporting the collected products. 


Suzuki Marine’s partnership with SPMS aims to enhance the productivity of artisanal fishing by providing support for the establishment of a workshop and the training of a maintenance team.

The partnership also includes a market transition from two-stroke engines to four-stroke engines. This type of propulsion is more reliable, cost-effective, and quieter. "We hope to contribute to the improvement of artisanal fishermen's operations through this partnership. We are fully committed to promoting more responsible and efficient fishing," explains Philippe Lormeteau, Technical Director at Matechmad. "Fishing is an economically significant and important activity for Sainte Marie.

With this partnership, we will be able to effectively support artisanal fishermen," says Tom Vely, Collection Director at SPSM. The partnership agreement was signed on Saturday, August 19, at SPSM's premises.

Other partnerships for ocean conservation are also being developed to protect and promote the blue economy.

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