Suzuki durability, the proof is in the hours

Posted by Carolien Henn on May 16, 2023 3:10:34 PM

Proof is in the hours

Suzuki offers a wide lineup of outboard motors in various sizes for both recreational and commercial boats and as Suzuki has proven its durability over the years, more and more boaters are relying on Suzuki to power their boats.  


Internationally as well as locally the brand's dependability has not gone unnoticed. Suzuki has won several international awards since 1987 for the most innovative products from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. 


Locally in South Africa, Suzuki has been the leading four-stroke outboard motor for the past couple of years due to several success factors. Durability is definitely one of them.


The proof is in the hours that Suzuki’s, that are regularly serviced and maintained, do on the water. Suzuki believes that giving the highest priority to durability will make our customers happy this is achieved by including a number of technologies in our outboards that are specifically designed to deliver an outboard that is hard to break, to notify users before engine trouble, and are easy to maintain, service, and repair. 


These technologies include:


The Self - Adjusting timing chain

The timing chain runs in an oil-bath, so it never needs lubricating, and is equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner so it remains properly adjusted at all times resulting in more durability compared to belt types of the same class and making it maintenance-free.

Duel Inlet

Dual Water Inlet

The engine’s cooling system relies on water supplied through two water inlets located on the lower unit where usually there is only one. This increases the water flow providing better cooling performance.

water-detection-system MARINE Feature

Water detecting system 

It helps to protect the engine from water in the fuel using a water-detecting fuel filter to alert the driver with both visual and audio warnings when water is present in the fuel, which can be the cause of issues like poor combustion, lower power output, and corrosion.

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Suzuki Dual Louver System 

The DF350A/DF325A range is equipped with a dog-leg shaped dual louver at the air intake to completely remove water from the air taken into the cowling. This prevents water from entering the outboard and allows a direct intake system, contributing to higher engine output.


Suzuki Anti - Corrosion finish

Special protection is applied to the aluminum surface using high-strength bonding to protect the aluminum made exterior parts against corrosion and helps increase the overall outboard durability.



Tilt Limit System 

This prevents the outboard from tilting beyond a selected angle to prevent damage to the boat or outboard due to excessive outboard tilting.


The SDSM+ App

This is a free App that enables you to scan the QR code containing the engine information displayed on the Multi-Function Gauge with your smart phone and send the information via email. The SDSM App lets you send your authorized Suzuki dealer all the technical information they need to service and maintain your outboard motor instantly and easily. Suzuki Multi-function Gauge and a smartphone running Android or iOS is required.


All these technologies are geared to make you boating experience better but also providing the ultimate durability you expect from your outboard motor.

Durability Panel

Here is to hours of memories on the water!


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