Mission accomplished: 9 201 80 nautical miles, 3 continents, 12 countries

Posted by Carolien Henn on May 30, 2022 11:02:52 AM
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Mission accomplished! After more than 5 travel months, the Italian skipper Sergio Davì, expertise in oceanic sailing, conquers  the  City  of  Angels  aboard  his  faithful  and  powerful  Aretusa Explorer,  a  Nuova  Jolly  Marine  Prince  38cc inflatable boat,  powered  by  two high-performance Suzuki DF300B dual prop outboards  with  eco-friendly  technologies and equipped  with  top-of-the-range  Simrad  marine  electronics,  including  the  sophisticated  AP™  48  autopilot,  the HALO24 radar and the NSS evo3S multifunction display equipped with C-MAP cartography.

Sergio Davì's Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure gloriously concluded yesterday May 23rd with his arrival at the port of San Pedro in Los Angeles at 1:00 pm local time (10:00 pm in Italy). Waiting for him were the President Yamamoto of Suzuki Marine USA together with the two vice presidents Blakely and Wahira, with the presence of the Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, Silvia Chiave together with the Vice Consul Pietro Bellinghieri, as well as a big community of  Italians and Italian-Americans, including some fishermen from Terrasini, a small fishing village a few kilometers far from Palermo, the city from which all Davì's missions started.

The numbers of this exciting challenge, better known as "Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure", are truly impressive: 9.201,80  nautical  miles  traveled  along  a  route  that  has  involved  3 continents  (Europe,  Africa,  Americas)  and  12 countries. The Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure started from Palermo (Italy) on last December 15th, made several stops in  Spain  (Balearic Islands  and  Canary  Islands),  Gibraltar, Cape Verde,  French  Guiana, Trinidad  & Tobago, Curaçao, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and United States.


519 total sailing hours and 32 minutes, of which 152 non-stop during the record Atlantic crossing from Cape Verde to French Guiana, with fuel consumption average that has always been around 3.5 liters per mile.

Along the entire adventure, which also saw Davì crossing the Canal of Panama to reach the Pacific Ocean, there was no lack  of  unexpected  events  and  difficulties:  from  the  forced  stop  in the  Canary  Islands  due  to  Covid  to  the  marine conditions that were often particularly adverse, and again the hijacking of the Caribbean Sea to escape a boarding by pirates.

Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure 2


After  two  years  of  hard  work,  in  the  midst  of  unfavorable  global  situations,  carried out  in  synergy  with  winning collaborations, the brave captain can finally put his name on another significant page of world boating.






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