Looking after kids on and around the boat this holiday!

Posted by Carolien Henn on Dec 12, 2022 3:26:52 PM


South Africa is one of the countries where we enjoy one of the most beautiful summer- Christmas seasons in the world. With fresh-cut watermelon, the smell of the braai, and lots of time in and on the water. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier, and families build unbreakable bonds and memories. With that said, keeping the kids safe around the water is important. 


Here are some tips to assist.


It does not matter what the depth of the water is, it could be dangerous, therefore it is important to educate children in advance about the precautions that will be taken to ensure their safety on and in the water.


Make sure your boat is childproof, by packing away sharp objects, ropes, or fishing lines on deck or anything that a child might get tangled up in.


Establish boating rules that all family members clearly understand.


Designate an area for children on the boat where they can be seen at all times and where it is easy for them to hold on while the boat is moving.


Teach children to sit down and not move around on the boat while you are driving. They must be stationed until the boat has come to a standstill.


It is important to send children to swimming classes especially if boating is a part of your lifestyle, Children should wear a lifejacket/ floatation device at all times when near or on the water.


It is always good for a boater to learn CPR, this will give you additional peace of mind.


Teach children never to jump off the boat without the skipper's permission when coming to the dock or shore. 


Have a designated person to keep an eye on the kids in and on the water. If you are taking young children out on the water, make sure you have enough adults onboard to supervise.


Sunblock and protection from the heat are essential on a boat, shade becomes everyone on board's best friend.


Keep the kids well-hydrated at all times.


We wish all our South African families a festive and joyful time on the water this December holiday! 



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