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Posted by Carolien Henn on Jul 4, 2023 3:43:09 PM

Turtle adoption rescue

Suzuki Marine adopted a turtle hatchling from the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, and we would like to encourage others to do the same!


202306 Hatchling Adoption Certificate #24_Suzi-1

The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation is a South African non-profit, public benefit organization focused on inspiring people to take action for the ocean. The foundation continues the legacy of marine sciences education, conservation, and research efforts of the Two Oceans Aquarium. 

This includes the Turtle conservation centre which works to ensure that endangered sea turtles are protected. They work continuously to improve treatment protocols and have achieved an incredible 85% release rate. This comes at a cost, and as this is a non-profit organization, they do rely greatly on public funding to rehabilitate these hatchlings for release back into the ocean.

“Click here: If you would like to contribute to the program or adopt a little turtle.

Suzuki Marine adopted a hatchling and with the help of our followers decided to name our little hatchling Suzi. 

Little Suzi is a loggerhead hatchling and was rescued on the 24th March 2023 in Struisbaai. Suzi arrived at the Turtle Conservation Centre weighing 43.08g. 

turtle rscue 2

Loggerhead hatchlings hatch at the beginning of the year up the east coast of South Africa, unfortunately, we do not know Suzi's exact age but approximate that she is now about 4 -5 months old. 

Loggerhead rescue 1

Also, we are not sure if Suzi is male or female. It is very difficult to determine the sex of the turtle at this stage, it is only once they approach adulthood that the sex can be identified externally.

turtle rescue 2

We’re excited to follow Suzi’ journey to return to the ocean and hope that she/he will join Bob, the famous green Turtle, who was successfully released by the Two Oceans Foundation. 


For more information about the program visit:


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