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Posted by Carolien Henn on Apr 26, 2022 6:00:00 AM

When it comes to choosing your family boat these days, one of the things that will always come to mind when selecting which boat you want and the purpose, is the FUEL CONSUMPTION!

Those of us who have had the pleasure of spending time heading out to 40:00 in the Cape and the surrounding waters know how the fuel bill can make a grown man cry. Even more so if you had to venture out to these areas with a 2-stroke you need to take out a 2nd bond on your home.

As technology has advanced, so has the need for anglers and leisure boaters to get their hands on the most fuel efficient outboards on the market. As a boater, there are essentially 3 aspects you would focus on when purchasing your outboards.

  1. Price – price is naturally always a major draw card when choosing your outboard. With so many options on the market these days, you will always look for the most cost effective solution when purchasing outboards with all accessories.


  1. Parts availability – Does the brand you choose have readily available parts to service your newly bought outboard.


  1. Fuel consumption – Now that you have saved on the outboards, the next best thing is to cut down on fuel consumption to make sure you get the most out of your days out on the water with family and friends.


Suzuki Marine for example proudly offers the “The Lean Burn Control” System which predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions. This allows the engine to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio. 

A normal petrol engine will run with an air fuel ratio of 14.7:1, whereas a Lean Burn system can increase this as high as 19:1, which is a significant improvement in efficiency. The Lean Burn process requires fuel to be injected into the cylinder at a precisely controlled rate and volume with a richer air-fuel mixture at the start of the injection cycle, assisting ignition, to a weaker one at the end. 

This creates a longer burn time and a more controlled explosion of the fuel, over the full downward stroke of the piston. This in turn means that there is power over the whole combustion stroke and subsequently a more efficient and complete burning of all the fuel available; leading to more power for less fuel and less emissions. 

A seen in a recent boat test Nauti-Tech did with a beautiful Carry Cat 1000 between PE and Mossel Bay with a pair of DF300’s, the Lean Burn technology certainly plays its part.

View the details of this trip here 



Be it on your local estuary, wakeboarding at the Vaal or heading out to your favorite offshore marks, make sure you tick those 3 boxes we mentioned and you won’t look back. 

In fact, why not head on down to your local Suzuki Marine dealer to find out more about the most fuel efficient outboard in the market. 

We proudly tick those 3 boxes!

Boasting a wide range of outboards, your savings just got a whole lot better!




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