Explore Jozini Dam, the ultimate African boating venue

Posted by Carolien Henn on May 5, 2022 10:14:35 AM
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As a boater and outdoor enthusiast, visiting new boating venues opens up a whole new world of adventure.

When the winter settles in and temperatures in a large part of our beautiful country starts dropping, one can sometimes be tempted to hang up the boating keys for the winter. It is then when it is advantageous to know a couple of venues that allow for comfortable boating even during our colder months of the year.

There are few boating venues as diverse and scenic as Pongola dam commonly known as Jozini dam situated in the northern parts of Kwazulu Natal. 

On the banks of the Jozini Dam you will find a diversity of private wildlife reserves as well as the well-known Pongola Game reserve which has private lodges as well as campsites for fishing. Most of these venues also have private launching sites to make access to the water easy for boaters.


Fishing at Jozini

Jozini Dam is home to the southernmost population of tiger fish with some spectacular size catches often featured out of these waters and the official record is currently 8.3kg.

Apart from this being South Africa’s top Tiger fishing venue, it also offers other endemic species such as Sharptooth Catfish, Threespot Barb, Bowstripe Barb, Imber, Carp, River Goby, Purple Labeo, Rednose Labeo, Silver Robber, Mozambique Tilapia, Silver Catfish, Redbreast Tilapia and a variety of other smaller species.


Bird watching at Jozini 

Home to over 350 bird species that inhabit the surrounding of Jozini, this is a dream destination for all bird lovers and also hosts some of the rare endemic species such as the Africa broadbill, the saddle billed and yellow billed stork, the African finfoot, the Pal’s fishing owl and Marina Tropgon. It has also a breading colony of pink-backed and great white pelicans.


Wildlife at Jozini

Get the true African experience game viewing form the comfort of your own boat! Animals that can be spotted on the shores of Jozini include elephants, leopard, white and black rhino, buffalo, zebra, hippos, the Nile crocodile, giraffe, spotted hyena, water buck, bush buck, nyala, kudu and many more antelope species.


Boats must be driven by qualified skippers with minimum category R license, and care must be taken as it does host a healthy population of crocodiles and hippo. 

When the wind blows, the swell on Jozini can reach 2 meters, dangerous conditions for even deep sea fishing boats. Therefore, a close eye needs to be kept on the weather prior to launching.


Don’t hang up the keys this winter, experience the ultimate African outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of your boat.




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