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Posted by Carolien Henn on Apr 10, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Suzuki Eco

Passionate about boating? Then you know how important it is to take care of our oceans and marine life. By practicing eco-friendly boating, you can help preserve marine ecosystems and reduce your impact on the environment. Luckily being a Suzuki owner, we have already ticked several of the boxes for you. 

  • 1. Slowing down is one of the ways to operate your boat in an eco-friendly manner as it reduces fuel consumption. Suzuki's lean burn technology enables you to save fuel while maintaining high performance without needing to change your boating habits.
  • 2.  It's important to regularly service and maintain your boat's engine to ensure it performs at its best while minimizing fuel leaks and emissions. Luckily, Suzuki outboards are incredibly easy to maintain, and offer a wide range of genuine Suzuki parts and accessories to help keep your outboard in top shape all the time.
  • 3.  It's important to keep the noise down while boating to avoid disturbing marine wildlife, especially in sensitive areas like coral reefs and marine sanctuaries. Fortunately, Suzuki has a reputation for producing one of the quietest outboard motors thanks to our advanced quiet operation technology.
  • 4.  It is important to follow catch limits and regulations while fishing, and to practice catch and release whenever possible. To minimize harm to marine life, eco-friendly fishing gear should be used. Fish regulations and limits can be found on the Department of Fisheries and Forestries website. Here you can also purchase your fishing license online.
  • 5.  Getting involved and supporting marine conservation organizations and initiatives that work to protect and preserve our oceans and waterways is another way for you to do your part. Suzuki has been running our Clean Oceans Project since 2010, continuously working towards a sustainable marine environment for generations to come.
  • 6.  Choose biodegradable cleaning products, soaps, and detergents to minimize the impact of runoff on water quality and marine life.
  • 7.  Dispose of trash, sewage, and wastewater properly by using designated waste receptacles and pump-out stations. Never discharge untreated sewage or waste overboard.
  • 8.  Avoid single-use plastics such as bottles, bags, and utensils on board. Opt for reusable alternatives and properly dispose of them or recycle any plastic waste.
  • 9.  Keep a safe distance from marine animals and sensitive habitats such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves. Avoid anchoring in fragile ecosystems and follow designated boating channels to prevent damage.
  • 10. Stay informed about local environmental regulations and conservation initiatives. Share your knowledge with fellow boaters and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices.

By ticking the eco-friendly boating boxes, we can help minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to the health and sustainability of our marine ecosystems. 

So let's all do our part and enjoy our beautiful oceans and waters responsibly!

Happy Boating 


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