Christen your boat the right way before your maiden voyage!

Posted by Carolien Henn on Oct 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM
Christening your boat before its maiden voyage is just as big a deal as naming your boat. It is said that the Titanic was never christened before her maiden voyage. What do you need for this special occasion besides your new boat?


  • Friends and Family 
A special event like christening a boat is something to share with your family and friends, to be witnessed, photographed, and remembered! 
  • A bottle of bubbly cider, wine, or champagne to break
Breaking a pre-scored bottle of Champagne on the bow of the boat is said to be good luck. However, if the bottle does not break, it is said to have quite the opposite effect like the Concordia that was christened when the ship came online but the bottle did not break, resulting in a shipwreck just off the coast of an Island in Italy.
  • A containment bag
The bag can be made up of organza or a fine mesh and is to put the bottle in that you will be breaking on the bow to avoid the glass falling into the water or landing on deck.
  • One branch with green leaves 
The branch with green leaves symbolizes the safe return from your journey. You do not have to be specific on what type of a branch you select but keep in mind that this will have to remain on your boat throughout the christening and the maiden voyage. 
  • How to choose a date?
There are some days that are considered bad luck days to christen your boat, which is mostly due to religious reasons. This includes Fridays, Thursdays, the first Monday in April, the second Monday in August, and the 31st of December. 
  • What to say when you christen your boat?
Some keep the speech informal by welcoming the guests, revealing the boat name, and saying a few words about the boat and plans for the vessel.  Others make it more formal by reciting a poem to speak blessing over the vessel. (These poems can be found online)
  • A bottle of red wine, champagne, sparkling cider, or similar.
This is purely in celebration of this special event to enjoy a toast! 
Once the toast is complete, the branch with green leaves is laid on the deck. Remember that the branch must remain on deck until the maiden voyage is complete.
Now it is time to break the bottle on the bow. This can be done on the cleat, anchor roller, steel frame, or anywhere else. However, be careful not to damage the gel coat. Be sure to break the bottle on the first swing, this is where a pre-scored bottle comes in handy.
Of course, no christening is complete without a maiden voyage.
We wish you many happy hours on the water powered by your ultimate Suzuki








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